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Join the Party

Nov 17, 2020

Sometimes a family is a destructive gigabear, a museum, two costumed superheroes, one of their siblings, one uncostumed superhero, that guy’s friend, and an office that has a lot of powerful stuff in it. Val has a new phone who this. Milo swears everything is normal. Aggie knows a guy who knows about a...

Nov 10, 2020

Will the ship come in on Milo and Quinn? What does January do when they’re home alone? When is the Knight of Mirrors coming back? All those answers and more in the Afterparty!



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Nov 3, 2020

Get in, loser. We’re going city-saving. The team navigates the icy roads towards MMFFC and the dangerous things that walk and drive upon them. Aggie drives twice. Val has no time for traffic. Milo quick-changes.



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Oct 27, 2020

I'm Vincent Price, or I'm the employee at Tragic the Gathering who has the best Vincent Price impression. It's Halloween here in Lake Town City, when all the monsters come out with one last hurrah before they pull on their winter coats for the next six months. The "Great Masque of the Read Death" party is happening in...

Oct 20, 2020

Another day, another training event. Nothing could ruin this normal day in Lake Town City. Aggie doesn't pick up her phone. Val has seen this movie before. Milo wears short sleeves.



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